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  • November 2021FaZe ZooMaa returns to FaZe Clan as a content creator after retirement from professional Call of Duty
  • October 2021FaZe Clan announces plans to become a publicly listed company
  • October 2021Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya join FaZe Clan livestream event at the Dune premiere
  • October 2021Nuke Squad interviews Daniel Craig during livestream event for No Time To Die premiere
  • September 2021FaZe Kaysan joins FaZe Clan as first-ever in-house music artist and gamer hybrid
  • September 2021FaZe Clan enters the DC Universe with original comic book and limited-edition merchandise collaboration in celebration of Batman Month
  • September 2021FaZe Clan collaborates with OpTic Gaming on a MW2 LAN tournament and merchandise to commemorate the history and legacy of the two gaming powerhouses
  • August 2021Atlanta FaZe win CDL Championship
  • August 2021FaZe Clan partners with McDonald's USA
  • July 2021FaZe Clan launches its first podcast, All Grown Up with FaZe Rug
  • June 2021FaZe Clan makes history as the first gaming organization to illuminate the cover of Sports Illustrated
  • June 2021FaZe Clan signs FaZe Kalei
  • June 2021FaZe Clan & Takashi Murakami launch limited-edition collaboration
  • June 2021Atlanta FaZe wins CDL Major IV
  • May 2021FaZe Clan drops XBOX 360 collaboration on FaZe Day paying tribute to the role XBOX 360 had in the organization's formative years
  • May 2021Atlanta FaZe wins CDL Major III
  • April 2021Kyler Murray joins FaZe Clan as FaZe K1
  • April 2021Atlanta FaZe hosts the ATL FaZe $100k+ Gold Rush and $50k Global Cash Grab tournaments to celebrate the Season Three launch of Call of Duty: Warzone
  • April 2021FaZe Clan partners with Corona Hard Seltzer
  • March 2021FaZe Clan enters Rocket League with 9th competative team
  • March 2021Named to Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021
  • March 2021Announced 2021 Rainbow Six Siege roster including new team ambassador “PATIFE”
  • March 2021Atlanta FaZe wins first CDL Major
  • February 2021Partnered with Kappa + 433 to bring to life first-of-its-kind IRL replica of digital in-game FIFA kits
  • February 2021Signed with global talent agency UTA
  • January 2021FaZe Clan named the most talked about gaming team on Twitter in 2020 + Mongraal named the most talked about esports player on Twitter in 2020

2020 FaZe Clan Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary As A Cultural Mover & A Gaming Giant

  • December 2020FaZe Clan wraps third FaZe 5 challange drawing austounding viewership numbers and six new members: Faxuty, VIRUS, Nio, Flea, K1nG, and Scope. The challenge saw over 211k applicants from around the world.
  • December 2020FaZe Clan announced FaZe Academy
  • October 2020Formed partnership with Invisble Narratives to create first feature film "Crimson" starring FaZe Rug
  • September 2020FaZe Clan partners with Manchester City
  • September 2020Nickmercs resigns for three more years
  • September 2020FaZe Clan opens third FaZe 5 Challenge
  • August 2020Atlanta FaZe comes in 2nd in the CDL Championship
  • August 2020Ben "FaZe Simmo" Simmons joins FaZe Clan as an investor and Bronny joins as a member of FaZe
  • August 2020FaZe Clan hosted tournament during the VALORANT Ignition Series which broke livestream records and was touted by ESPN as "the best VALORANT tournament yet"
  • July 2020FaZe Clan partners with Verizon
  • July 2020FaZe Clan was instrumental in Juice WRLD's first posthumous album reaching No. 1 on the Billboard 200 through a historic merch collab
  • June 2020FaZe Clan enters VALORANT making it the 8th competative pro team
  • May 2020FaZe Clan celebrates 10 year anniversary and surpasses 1 billion views on YouTube
  • May 2020FaZe Clan partners with Beats by Dr. Dre
  • April 2020FaZe Clan Signs FaZe Swagg
  • April 2020Jimmy Iovine, Nyjah Huston, Pitbull, Swae Lee, Troy Carter + More Announced As Investors
  • April 2020FaZe Clan collaborates with the NFL, bringing the gaming community into the first virtual NFL draft
  • March 2020FaZe Clan put on the first-ever Call of Duty Warzone tournament #Fight2Fund which raised over $125,000 for Covid relief
  • March 16 2020Banks, Temperrr, Rain, Teeqo, Jarvis, Kay, Cizzorz, Adapt Move Into Biggest FaZe House Ever in Hollywood
  • March 2020Entered into a partnership with Atlanta Esports Ventures creating Atlanta FaZe w/ Call of Duty
Faze Clan house in LA where Faze Banks and other members are living
FaZe Clan moves into a new house in LA

2019 Fortnite World Cup NYC Takeover & Recruitment Grows

  • April 20199yr Anniversary Champion Collab Sells $2 million in 48hrs
  • 2019FaZe Clan takes over NYC during Fortnite World Cup and first pop-up gets shut down after 4 hours due to thousands flooding the streets
  • 2019FaZe Clan signs NICKMERCS, Ew0k, H1ghSky1, Sway, Mongraal
  • 2019FaZe Clan enters partnership with Nissan
  • 2019Offset joins FaZe Clan as member and investor
  • 2019FaZe Clan is featured in the New York Times
Faze Clan pop-up shop in New York openning
FaZe Clan owns NY streets with a first ever
pop-up shop
Faze Clan pop-up shop in New York openning

2018 Year of Fortnite & Establishment of FaZe Clan as a Clothing Brand

  • December 2018FaZe Clan Ends Year as One of Top Earning Orgs in Esports
  • 2018FaZe Clan becomes the most popular team in Fortnite
  • 2018FaZe Clan x Champion Collaboration debuted at ComplexCon and sold out in hours
  • 2018Lil Yachty joins FaZe Clan as FaZe Boat
  • 2018FaZe Clan enters into Rainbow Six and FIFA (first non-shooter team)
Faze Clan Fortnite skins
FaZe Clan assembles Fortnite team
Faze Clan Cizzorz joins and becomes a member of the esports organization
*Additional Backstory

Before Epic Fortnite tournaments, there was Friday Fortnite and FaZe Clan was winning constantly in the first informal Fortnite competitions of any kind, becoming one of the first teams dominating the Fortnite space and has quickly become the most popular team. Once Epic started having tournaments, FaZe Clan performed really well. Summer Skirmish was Nate Hill’s first tournament with FaZe Clan & he placed 4th.

Influencer marketing strategy was born at TwitchCon with Champion Collab (talent wearing merchandise collaborations before drop)

FaZe Clan x Champion Collab dropped publicly on Black Friday and sold $600K in 24min

2018, First Fortnite Recruit Cizzorz

Mar 18, PUBG: StarSeries Season 1
May 18, CS: IEM Sydney
Jun 18, PUBG: DreamHack Austin
Jun 18, CS: ESL Belo Horizonte
Sept 18, R6: ESL Brasileirão
Oct 18, CS: Epicenter
Oct 18, FN: TwitchCon

Faze Clan Champion merchandise hoodie
FaZe Clan collaborates with Champion and sells out in one day

2017 FaZe Clan Dominates In Counter-Strike & Cultural Crossover Expands

  • 2017FaZe Clan’s Counter-Strike Team Dominates, Winning Four Trophies (Championships) & Hits No. 1 World Ranking on HLTV
  • 2017FaZe Clan Enters Into PUBG
  • 2017Juju Smith-Schuster becomes first pro-athlete to get involved with FaZe Clan, establishing cultural connection between tradional sports and gaming
Faze Clan’s Counter-Strike Team Dominates
FaZe Clan’s Counter-Strike Team Dominates
Faze Clan accomplishments - professional esports team wins a tournament
*Additional Backstory

FaZe Clan Signs Biggest Names In Counter-Strike: NiKo, GuardiaN and olofmeister

FaZe Clan Enters Into PUBG

Juju Smith-Schuster joined Faze CLan and became first affiliate of the organization with background outside gaming
FaZe Clan Superstar Juju Smith-Schuster Becomes First Pro-Athlete To Get Involved With FaZe Clan

2016 Year of Esports Org Evolution

  • March 2016 FaZe Clan Expands Into Counter-Strike & Overwatch, Officially Evolving Into A Gaming Org
  • 2016 FaZe Clan moves to LA
Faze Clan professional esports members during a tournament
FaZe Clan moves to LA
Faze Clan members winning at a tournament - Faze team achievements
*Additional Backstory

Overwatch Team Places 2nd At MLG Las Vegas

Signed Allu and Karrigan & Counter-Strike Team Becomes Consistent Top 10

Faze house in Los Angeles in 2016
FaZe house LA

2015 Year of the FaZe House + Lifestyle Content Creation

  • 2015 FaZe Clan’s YouTube Channel Expands Beyond Gaming Montages Into Lifestyle Content
  • 2015 FaZe Clan's YouTube hits 3 million subscribers
  • 2015Blaziken joined FaZe Clan and moved into the FaZe House
Faze Clan reaches 3 milion subscribers in 2015
*Additional Backstory

Individual FaZe Clan members begin to build their own successful YouTube channels. Fans can watch FaZe Clan content on not just one channel, but 40.

FaZe Clan’s YouTube hits 3 million subscribers.

Faze Teeqo vlogging in Faze house in New York
FaZe Clan members creating content in FaZe house NY

2014 Birth of FaZe House + Second #FAZE5 + Esports Teams Start Gaining Success

  • November 2014 FaZe NY House is Born
  • October 2014 FaZe Clan’s Esports Team Won First Championship in Call of Duty
  • 2014Launch of the second #FAZE5 Recruitment Challenge, Even Bigger Than First One
Faze members at Major League Gaming in New York 2014
FaZe Clan collectively goes to MLG 2014
Faze Clan members meet up for second FAZE5 event
*Additional Backstory

FaZe Clan started gaining success in esports and traveling together as a team.

MLG 2014 Anaheim was a big moment. Announced the second #FAZE5 winners to spend the week in Anaheim with 20 other FaZe members.

Faze Temperrr, Apex, Adapt and Teeqo living in first Faze house in New York
FaZe Clan moves into the first FaZe house in NY

2013 First #FAZE5 Contest Is Created

  • March 2013FaZe Banks joins as a Manager & Recruiter & Creative
  • 2013First #FAZE5 Contest Is Created
  • 2013FaZe Clan Enters Call of Duty With First Esports Team
  • 2013FaZe Clan’s YouTube Hits 2 Million Subscribers
  • 2013Adapt joined FaZe Clan
First FAZE5 contest - Faze Clan welcomes new members to the organization
FaZe Clan Winners of the first ever FaZe5
Faze Clan members at the MLG tournament in Dallas 2013
*Additional Backstory

In early 2013, Banks was leading a team called SoaR Sniping, second biggest trickshot team. They were right behind FaZe. Cbass needed more help and had Banks join as a Manager & Recruiter & Creative. Pushing boundaries. Banks led creative with Cbass on #FAZE5.

Faze Clan Banks joins Faze Clan
FaZe Clan Banks joins FaZe Clan

2012 YouTube Reaches 1 Million Subs + Cultural Crossover Begins

  • Fall 2012FaZe Clan YouTube Reaches 1 Million Subscribers
  • February 2012Logic wears FaZe Clan hoodie in "The Spotlight" music video + FaZe Clan releases ILLCAMS 38 featuring the song, starting the gaming + music cross over.
  • 2013Rug joined FaZe Clan
Faze Clan history timeline - Faze reaches 1 milion subscribers in 2012
FaZe Clan 1M subscribers
Faze Clan merchandise
*Additional Backstory

Better players like FaZe Rain and FaZe Rug began joining FaZe Clan instead of OpTic Gaming, biggest in the space at the time.

FaZe Clan was known for being the best trick-shotters with the best sniping content.

In addition to Logic, FaZe Clan also worked with other artists to include their music in FaZe Clan videos like ILLCAMS. Music by Macklemore, Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy were all incorporated into videos.

*Additional Trivia

FaZe Clan put “Thrift Shop” with Macklemore in ILLCAMS before it was big, and it later went No. 1 on Billboard. Temperrr connected with Logic, built a friendship and sent him a FaZe Clan hoodie.

Faze Clan Faze Rain welcome video
FaZe Clan FaZe Rain welcome video

2011 Faze Clan youtube channel builds

  • October 2011 Rain joined FaZe Clan
  • March 2011 FaZe Apex joined as a trick shotter
  • 2011 Teeqo joined FaZe Clan
  • 2011 First-Ever FaZe Clan Apparel Is Made
Faze Apex joins gaming organization Faze Clan in 2011
FaZe Clan Introducing Apex video thumbnail
Faze Temperrr is the leader of Faze Clan in 2011
*Additional Backstory

In early 2011, FaZe Temperrr became leader of the team pushing everything forward.

March 2011, FaZe Apex joined as a trick shotter. In 2013 he became more heavily involved.

2010 The beginning

  • August Temperrr joined FaZe Clan
  • August FaZe Clan Logo Is Created
  • June 2 FaZe Clan starts ILLCAMS Series featuring trick shot montages
  • May 30 FaZe Birthday
Faze Clan logo created in 2010 - white on red background
FaZe Clan logo
Faze Clan in-game trickshots
*Additional Backstory

3 guys: CLipZ (FL), Resistance (TX), House Cat (Canada) met each other playing COD Modern Warfare 2, and wanted to start making gaming montages together

From gaming montages, they started moving into montages of the *trick shots* they were making in public matches, creating the first series: ILLCAMS

Temperrr joined in August 2010 and began driving the content. With a graphic design relationship and creative background, he helped create the FaZe Clan logo.

*Additional Trivia

Back in 2010, using only sniper rifles was highly competitive. Competitive sniping was like the early iteration of “esports.”

Note: This is one of the subcultures that brought Banks in. One of the leaderboards they played on was run by Banks at the time. Temperrr had his own team during this time.

Faze Clan sniping video
FaZe Clan Thumbnail of the first FaZe Clan Youtube video